Ms. Stein's Teacher Page -- 7th/8th Grade ELA, Journalism/Yearbook and Advisory

Ms. Stein's Teaching and Student Support Schedule:  This schedule has been established to allow you to meet with your other teachers as well as to accommodate family schedules.  Check your classroom/google calendars for the link.

8th Grade Teaching and Student Support 
Attend the session of your choice; let me know if you want the opposite session. 
      • 1st Study Skills: Thursday 10 - 11 (everyone's welcome)
      • 1st/3rd period: Thursday 11 - 12 (everyone's welcome)
      • 2nd period: Tuesday 10 - 11 (everyone's welcome) 
7th Grade Teaching and Student Support (only one meeting)
      • 4th period:  Friday 11 am to 12 pm
      • 4th period:  Optional student support Tuesday 11 - 12
Journalism/Yearbook (only one meeting)
      • Monday 1 - 2 pm
This schedule is subject to change.  Please subscribe to this page to get updates via blog.  Thank you.
Extra! Extra!  Read the very last issue of The Alpha Review
I am very proud to have taught Journalism at Washington Manor for ten years and have seen many fine journalists pass through the class.  In fact, several have gone on to work on the Dry Gulch Gazette at Arroyo High School.  Unfortunately, I will no longer teach the class -- so here's our final issue.  Students worked hard to edit and revise this final issue during the Shelter-in-Place, which was challenging.  I hope students have an understanding of why truth in Journalism and responsible research and reporting are important to them and their community.  
Please access this link to read it: The Alpha Review, Volume 10, Issue 3
Thank you for your support.


Yearbooks are Here!

Preordered yearbooks have been delivered -- either to your home or the school.  If you do not receive it at your home address, look for instructions about how to get it from the school.  

However, they are still trickling in, depending on when you purchased -- expect them within four weeks of purchase.  

If you would like to verify the shipping address for your yearbook, please contact (Veronica Stein).


Virtual Promotion Information -- Read the Letter

Hello Washington Manor 8th grade families:


Please see details below about our virtual promotion. Please pay close attention to deadlines for photos and quotes as those are from the production company. If you have specific questions about virtual promotion, please contact Mr. Mack (AP, WMMS) at 


·         This year Washington Manor, along with schools across the country, will be holding a Virtual Promotion for all of our 8th grade students and families.

·         The professional virtual promotion will be streamed at 5:30 PM on June 8, 2020, as originally scheduled. There will be opportunities for families, students, and friends to watch live, interact via social media and watch a recording at a later time.

·         Photos and Quotes:

Students need to provide a photo of themselves and a short (approximately one sentence) positive message or a quote to include on their promotion page.  Specific examples can be seen here:

·         Students need to fill out and submit their name, photo, and quote at this site also. 

·         For the photos, we expect students to dress like they would for a formal party or event like a wedding, religious service, or other formal event. The photos should be portrait style, focusing on the student’s face, and not full body. Middle school students do not wear caps and gowns for promotion ceremonies.

·         ALL Photos and Quotes MUST be uploaded to the company by Wednesday, May 20th

·         Students who are unable to submit their photos by the deadline will have their student ID photos used instead. 

·         We highly encourage all families to take their student’s picture at home in support of the shelter in place order.

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Grading Pass/No Mark

During this unusual time at Washington Manor, we have agreed to grade your student on a Pass/No Mark basis, in the belief that it would be unfair to fail a student under the circumstances, and it's equally difficult to fairly distinguish between letter grades.  However, I have left the percentages earned in addition to the red "missing assignment" codes when you monitor your student's schoolwork on Aeries.  

TheAlphaReview.vol 9.issue1.pdf
Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Select the link to access the newest Alpha Review to read about our new school year. Articles were written by the Journalism class, with photos taken by Yearbook class. Thanks for supporting our students, Ms. Stein

Important Links 

If you want to purchase your yearbook, here's the link to purchase online: Go to and use the passcode: 1015658296381759


Our Computer Media Specialists are happy to assist our students.  TIS has established a special HelpSTAR for students and families.


If your student will be attending a Zoom conference, here's a how-to from the District about logging in: Students: How to join a Zoom SLZUSD Meeting
Download Chrome browser for easy access to school work (StudySync won't work without accessing it through Chrome):