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Curriculum: 8th Grade ELA  -- Please read and sign, and return the half-sheet.

Partnership with parents/guardians is an important element to students’ success.  Feel free to contact at any time. 


Veronica Stein

8th grade ELA/ELD

email: [email protected]

classroom phone: (510) 317-5563


In this course, we will read and write as we explore essential themes in literature. Our textbook this year is StudySync by McGraw Hill.  Most texts can be accessed online or through consumable materials.  Many assignments will be submitted through Canvas.  

  • Unit 1 (first quarter): study of expository texts about Social Networking with a final essay.
  • Unit 2 (first, second quarter): “Suspense!” StudySync, unit one, with a final essay.
  • Unit 3 (second, third quarter): Novel study - Lord of the Flies.
  • Unit 4 (third, fourth quarter): “In Time of War” StudySync, unit two, with a final essay.
  • Unit 5 (fourth quarter): “A Moral Compass” StudySync, unit three, with a final project.

Writing Instruction:  

“Learning” (formative) writing assignments:  students will regularly write short responses as a warm-up or reflection as well as answering text-based questions.  Students will find that writing these short essays will help them find their voice as they work with more difficult texts and concepts.

“Mastery” (summative) writing assignments:  short essays designed to assess mastery of the literature as well as argumentative skills.  This short essay format is the "BCR - Brief Constructed Response." BCRs will be assigned multiple times during the year.

Classroom Routines: 


Covid-19 precautions:  

  • Masks are optional at school, but recommended. Check the school website for guidelines.


Behavior Guidelines:

  • Students will use a restroom/hall pass whenever leaving the classroom. They will bring the pass back to the teacher when they return.  Unless it’s an emergency, no hall passes will be issued during the first or last ten minutes of a class period.
  • Cell phones, air pods (headphones) and other electronic devices shall be put away before entering the classroom and utilized with teacher instruction.
  • Policies for behavior and hats/caps will be co-developed with students.
  • Reminders, conferences, breaks and working with other supportive adults on campus will be utilized to support students.
  • Partnership with parents/guardians is an important element to students’ success.



  • Homework will typically be assigned at the beginning of the week with a clear deadline.
  • Planners will be utilized to track due dates.
  • Students should contact me with questions about content or time extensions.  
  • Canvas is required.



  • Students will be assigned a chromebook number for classroom use.  
  • Students must follow district appropriate use guidelines and take care of the device.
  • Chromebooks are available for home use.  Check the website for information.


Grading Policy


“Learning” or Formative Assignments:  

  • Warm-ups, exit cards, surveys, Padlets, etc.
  • Reading selection questions and annotations (practice).
  • Group participation and discussions.
  • “Homework:” Vocabulary, grammar and completing classwork if not done.

“Mastery” or Summative Assignments: 

  • Quizzes - vocabulary, grammar, short writing responses.
  • BCR end-of-unit writing assignments with opportunity for revision
  • End of unit projects (on paper, slides, etc.)


Grade Scale

While excellent work is always recognized, the highest grade posted is an A, while traditional A-, B+/B-, C+/C- will be awarded.  Opportunities to improve grades will be given and make-up work will be allowed after discussion with the teacher. 

A = 90-100%

B = 80-89%

C = 70-79%

D = 60-69%

F = 59% and below*

* Missing assignments = F


Recommended School Supplies:

In addition to your backpack and school ID card and planner, you will need the following to be successful in ELA:

  • One single subject spiral notebook, preferably college ruled. 
  • Loose Leaf (binder paper)
  • Blue or black pens for writing (pen is requested in order to be consistent with your Social Studies class)
  • Optional: highlighters, post-it notes, glue sticks, ruler, red correcting pen
  • Optional: art supplies (markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc.)

To complete homework assignments, you should have home access to:

  • a chromebook or laptop and internet access








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Technology Needs
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