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Physical Education

Physical Education

Course Description: Physical Education is the study and practice of human movement.  Through Physical Education students learn to perform the motor skills necessary in everyday living, as well as skills needed for a lifetime of physical activity.  Within the Physical Education program, students will be introduced to a variety of activities including team sports, fitness activities, health concepts, and cooperative activities. 


Grading Policy: Up to 10 points can be earned each day in class based on proper PE attire, participation, citizenship, and performance. Throughout the school year, teachers will assess each student to determine improvement and proficiency.   Students can only earn up to half-credit (5/10) for any day they do not dress for PE. Students will earn and only 7/10 points for partial suit cuts i.e.: black short, but not a blue shirt. Most units are 2 weeks in duration (100 points per unit).


Uniforms / Locker Rooms: 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Students are responsible for DRESSING IN PE EVERYDAY. The PE uniform consists of a TEAL or BLUE SHIRT, BLACK or GRAY SHORTS or SWEATSand ATHLETIC SHOES. NO JEANS, NO BOOTS, NO SANDALS.  The WMMS PE uniform may be purchased in PE class at WMMS or a simple teal / blue short and black short at a store (Target, Walmart, etc.).  Students will be involved in physical activity every day.  Students must use the locker room to change clothing.  Students should use their assigned locker and lock ONLY, and never share a locker or their combination with any other student.  WMMS and its staff DO NOT assume any liability for stolen or misplaced items.  No electronic items should be brought to class. 



PE uniforms and locks are available for sale from the PE staff.  Total cost is $25: T-shirt ($10) shorts ($10), and locks ($5).   Students can also purchase items individually.  Please make checks payable to: WMMS.


Homework / Medical Notes: Occasionally homework will be assigned.   Missed assignments or days of physical activity must be made up or the student’s grade is affected.   Doctor notes are accepted and honored for the time subscribed by the doctor.  Parent/guardian notes are good for up to two days.  Notes must be specific on the student’s limitations.  Students will have the opportunity to make up absences through make up activities or alternate assignments.  Students with special medicine must inform the school and PE teacher of their condition and medicine must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. EXTRA CREDIT can be given for students who miss school due to excused absences. 


State Mandated Physical Fitness Tests: Students will routinely practice CA State Physical Fitness Tests: Mile Run, Pushups, Curl Ups, Sit and Reach, Trunk Lift, and Shoulder Stretch.