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Reporting a Student Absence:


During Distance Learning, prompt and regular attendance is essential for successful schoolwork. 

Students are excused from school for an illness, medical/dental appointments or bereavement.  Unless students are seriously ill they need to be in school, or attend online class. 


Please schedule medical and dental appointments after school hours whenever possible.  If you are unable to do so please notify the Attendance Office using one of the methods below, so your student’s attendance can be marked accordingly.


All the absences MUST be verified via phone or email by the parent/guardian within 24 hours.  For your convenience, you can leave a message on the answering machine or the email address listed below 24 hours a day.


PHONE:  510-317-5599 




If you have a medical note, we would appreciate it if you would send a copy via fax at 510-895-8961 or email a copy to

Reporting an Absence:
(510) 317-5599