Greetings 7th grade Manor families,

The third quarter of distance learning for all Manor students will begin on Tuesday January 20, 2021. 

Additional materials for 7th GRADE STUDENTS ONLY will be needed to insure their success in the upcoming quarter. 

(6th and 8th grade students need no additional materials)

These materials, for your 7th grade student, will be available to pick up from the Manor campus distribution point:

Washington Manor Cafeteria


Monday January 11, Tuesday January 12 and Wednesday January 13. 

Those picking up by car should enter the campus through the BACK or FIELD side of the school on Trojan Ave and NOT the Fargo Ave entrance.

Someone will provide your materials and you will not need to exit your vehicle or provide us any information other than your student's name.

Adults are not required to pick up materials. 

Students wishing to walk up and retrieve materials during the day are welcomed and encouraged to do so.

Please remember to wear your mask if you are walking up. Social distancing guidelines will be adhered to. 


THIS DISTRIBUTION IS FOR 7th grade students ONLY!!!!!!!