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2020-2021 Yearbook

“A Year To Remember”


Dear  Parents and Guardians,


Hello, we are here to talk about this year's yearbook in a Covid-19 school year.  Yes, as of right now (October) we are not in school, but, that doesn’t mean your student isn’t still “doing school” and “doing school” is exactly what we want to capture in this year’s yearbook.  


The hope is that you and your student will help us build this year’s yearbook by becoming a photographer and memory maker.  It’s called Crowdsourcing, meaning we gather the pictures that you or your student (the crowd) take for us and submit to our 20-21 Yearbook located on our yearbook company www.treering.com  website in selected photo folders we have laid out. 


As the year progresses, The Yearbook class will assign folders on the TreeRing website (What you did this summer, Halloween Week, Your Pets, etc.) asking for particular photos to be added to the assigned folder.  Our requests will be built on how the year unfolds, distance learning or in-person; it is a unique school year. The folder and photo request will be updated on the Washington Manor website and with our PTSA Facebook page. So check there often. Shared folder link. https://yearbook.treering.com/school/225360/photos/shared-photo-folders/172007402 


The next pages are guides to setting up your account, how to upload your pictures to the right folders, how your photos should be created for them to be uploaded and used in our yearbook and how to purchase your copy of the yearbook. 


You have heard the theme “We Are ALL In This Together”, well that holds no more the truth than it does this school year.  We can’t do this without the participation of you and your student, so we ask that the community of WMMS help us build a yearbook that promises to be as unique as this school - A Year To Remember.

Crowdsourcing opt out form: https://forms.gle/BT2Jd66hmkvMB68V6


We appreciate you and your support to the 2020-2021 A Year To Remember Yearbook.


Wishing you Health and Safety,

The ‘20-’21 Yearbook Class

How to create a TreeRing Account


First you will need to make a TreeRing account :


Go to www.treering.com/validate

  • If you are a first time user, enter your school's passcode and select Confirm


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When you upload photos you have the choice to keep them private or share them with your school community. The photos will be saved in different locations based on how you upload them.

  • My Photos - All photos you upload will be in My Photos. This includes private photos and shared photos. You will be able to filter your photos to show private or shared.
  • Shared Photos - All photos that you upload to shared folders will be in Shared Photos (and they will also be in My Photos).


My Photos

  1. Log in and select My Photos
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File types: JPG, PNG, GIF or High Efficiency Image Format (HEIC or HEIF)

Resolution:  Any resolution can be uploaded, but we recommend a minimum of 640 x 800 pixel resolution or higher

Max File Size: 19.07 MB

Sources: You can upload photos from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Google Photos