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Welcome to my page, where you'll find a link to help you see my Google Classrooms for 7th Grade English/Language Arts, 7th Grade Social Studies, and a 6th Grade Elective Wheel.  I've taught Language Arts and Social Studies in San Lorenzo and in Oakland for more than 20 years, and every year is fascinating and different.  This year, however, was not something any of us could have predicted.  From now (April 22nd) until the end of the school year, my students should expect about 30 minutes per day for each class's work, including any "live" video events, recorded videos, written assignments, etc.  There will also be longer term assignments or small projects, like a Quarter 4 Book Report.  I can be reached by email (at aquinn@staff.slzusd.org) and am usually very quick to reply.  Please remember to say who you are, in any email:  I won't recognize your email address! ;)  Stay safe and healthy and together!
Teaching from a distance
Office Hours:  Pretty much any time by email, but especially Tuesday and Thursday 8 AM to 9:30 AM
Students should regularly check my Google Classrooms for lesson plans, assignments, and video recorded class material, as well as required links and other resources... but any "live" classes via Zoom will be posted in Classroom, and will only be held during one of the following time slots:
Period 1 ELA -- Monday 10 to 11 AM or Thursday 10 to 11 AM
Period 3 Social Studies -- Monday 11 to Noon or Thursday 11 to Noon
Period 4 ELA -- Tuesday 11 to Noon or Friday 11 to Noon
Period 5 Wheel -- Monday 1 to 2 PM
Period 6 Social Studies -- Tuesday 1 to 2 PM or Friday 1 to 2 PM
NOTE:  This does not mean there IS a Zoom class during those time periods; it means IF there is one, that is when it would be, during one of those periods.  Students will see links for them in Google Classroom, if there is a class that week.
Google Classroom and other Useful Links:
Parents who want to access my Google Classrooms as guardians -- Email me (with your name and student) to get the code and then go here:
The following link will help students log in (Hint; you have to use your Google student email):
And this one will help you see how to TURN IN WORK on Google Classroom:
To strengthen your Vocabulary:
A free site where you can read reviews of books (and write your own):