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Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts, Social Studies, and Designated ELA

6th Grade English Language Arts
Our ELA program involves learning and demonstrating proficiency in the Common Core standards in reading, writing, listening and speaking. We will be using our district's newly adopted curriculum, StudySync, which provides students with access via consumable notebooks and on-line learning opportunities. We will engage in
short stories, informational text, poetry, and drama. We will learn the most effective ways to annotate text and use textual evidence to support literary analysis.
In addition, we have an independent reading program -- students will read at least one novel per month! Sometimes, the students will have free choice; other months, students will be given a theme and must choose a book that meets those requirements. The goal is to build lifelong learners who have learned to LOVE reading!
6th Grade Social Studies
We will be studying ancient cultures and the ways that their remarkable civilizations continue to contribute to the modern world. We'll spend time looking at pre-history, the early civilization of Sumeria, and ancient civilizations and history of China, India, and student-favorite Egypt!
We are using the TCI Ancient Civilizations curriculum and will engage in various activities including creating a comic book to explain early civilizations, and multiple Geography Challenges to help us understand how geography affected the development of societies and cultures around the world.
6th Grade ELD - English Language Development
In this class, we will provide the additional language support for mastery of academic English language needed to succeed in high school, college, and the workplace. We will specifically focus on speaking and writing -- language outputs -- to help us communicate effectively and demonstrate our learning and mastery of academic subjects at school. 
I have been teaching middle school English Language Arts for 14 years, and I have been teaching 6th grade ELA and social studies at Washington Manor for three years. I have taught the 7th grade AVID elective and 6th grade designated ELD. 
I have worked as both a vice principal and principal at schools in the East Bay. I have experience as a curriculum expert and social/emotional learning expert. I have developed curriculum for test preparation for the High School Placement Test. 
Welcome to Mrs. Gonsalves' site for 6th grade ELA, Social Studies, and ELD! I look forward to working with my students to build enthusiasm and confidence to excel in the humanities.